Winter Roof Maintenance

It is important to inspect your roof and eavestroughs for aging and damage and any signs of ice damming or icicles forming- especially after strong winds and snow storms. Make sure your downspouts and fascia are not clogged by snow, ice or other debris like leaves or branches to maintain an effective drainage system for your home. Remove excess snow buildups with a snow rake.

These long-handled rakes allow you to remove snow from the safety of your yard but be careful you do not cause an avalanche to land on your head. Stand as far away as possible from the roof while using the rake to loosen all the snow around the perimeter of your home.



When we have a winter like this year with many temperature variables you need to make sure you clean the snow off the roof frequently. Ice buildup results when warm causes the snow to melt then the cold freezes the snow. Ice buildup is something that is not covered by the manufacturer of the shingles or by the roofing company installing your roof as it is not either one’s fault. As a homeowner you need to properly maintain your roof and snow removal is part of this maintenance. Ice buildup can cause excessive roof leakage. Call your insurance company if this happens to see if your policy covers damage from ice buildup. If you have poor attic insulation and ventilation, ice dams can form at your eavestroughs and hang down from your fascia creating the potential for more damage for your roofing system. Roof icing does not occur without snow.