Are your shingles in need of replacement? If you are seeing dark patches this tells you the protective granuales have worn off leaving weak spots on the roof. Are your shingles lifting at the edges. Water can get underneath and and wind or temperature extremes can further damage the curled shingles. Are you missing any shingles. Once one is gone the wind will pull the others off.

Hart Roofing has been serving Winnipeg and surrounding municipalities for over 10 years installing and repairing over 4000 roofs.

We offer new roofing, reroofing and repairs for new construction or home improvements.
We use shingles from leading manufactures Certainteed and BP. Our workmanship is backed by a five year warranty. As a Certainteed Master Shingler we are able to offer you the homeowner the opportunity for a 4 star warranty protection for full roof replacement.

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A quality roof consists of multiple products. Understanding them will help to make sure you choose the best roof contractor and roof system for your home.

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Hart Roofing is there for you whether you need help with a commercial roof or flat residential roof.

We will find and repair leak, strip large areas of roof and reinstall a new system and install curbs for HVAC units.

Our services include installation and repairs for EPDM and Modified Bitumen roofing systems. We replace metal flashings, coping, sealants, and drain scruppers and roof drains. We also repair tar and gravel roofs but do not install complete tar and gravel roofs.

If you need to undertake a repair to your existing flat roof or install a new flat roof for your commercial or residential building contact us today.


Most shingle manufacturers say test results show no difference in the life span of light vs dark if an attic is properly ventilated and provides enough cooling to offset the heat retention that is increased by dark shingles.

Some studies claim that since heat always increases molecular activity, and since dark shingles always run hotter, the heat factor alone dictates a shorter life for dark shingles. Yet another study suggests that the sun’s UV rays play a much bigger role in shingle degradation than heat.

Most experts agree on the importance of proper attic ventilation for longer shingle life.
Hart Roofing advice is to make sure you have more than enough roof and soffit vents and pick whatever color you like and best compliments your home.

Do Dark Roofs affect Cooling Costs?

We sometimes hear concerns from our customers about dark shingles increasing air conditioning costs in the summer.

Dark roofs are popular and it is true that darker shingles do get warmer than lighter-colored shingles. Although a completely black shingle will increase your attic temperature around 8 degrees in a traditionally constructed home the temperature of your living space will not necessarily increase by choosing Black over grays, browns

Insulation in your attic works by trapping air and air is a poor conductor of heat thus slowing the transfer of heat from one area (the attic) to another (the living space). Most attics are well vented further reducing the transfer of the heat from the roof to your living space. The temperature of your shingle has NO effect on your air conditioning use.

Choose a shingle color that best compliments your home rather than one on how it will affect your attic temperature. With proper insulation and ventilation the color should have no effect on your air conditioning costs.