Tips & Advice

Winter Roof Maintenance

Winter Roof Maintenance It is important to inspect your roof and eavestroughs for aging and damage and any signs of ice damming or icicles forming- especially after strong winds and snow storms. Make sure your downspouts and fascia are not clogged by snow, ice or...

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How do I know I am getting a fair estimate?

How do I know I am getting a fair estimate? It is time for a new roof. The old one is looking shabby or is damaged from hail so you pick up the Yellow Pages or search online and call a few roofing companies. How do I know what I should pay...

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Hail Storm

Hail Storm June 9, 2012 Winnipeg MB Is Your Roof Damaged? Hail stones, some the size of golf balls pelted down on many Winnipeg roofs. A good way to determine if you have any damage is to look in your yard. If large leaves on...

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